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Fenerbahçe Ülker was defeated in the first match of the Euroleague quarter final in an away game against the strong Italian team Montepaschi Siena. The hard-fought game ended with the yellow and navies down by 0 – 1 on the three-match scoreboard.

In the first match of the quarter final, Fenerbahçe Ülker could not overcome Italy’s Montepaschi Siena and lost the match during the last quarter  of the game which ended with a score of 73 – 66.

The match began badly; in the first 5 minutes the yellow and navies were only able to score 3 points.  With Preldzic’s entry into the game the balance was restored.  However the ball was lost time and time again and Thornton’s quick attacks put the Italians ahead by 8 points at the 9.05 mark (21 – 13) and the first quarter ended in a 23 - 16 score.
In the second quarter of the game, Semih and Ömer Aşık set up shots under the basket and Kinsey and Mrsic who were starters in the game stopped the competitors with their defense. The 3- point baskets thrown by Kinsey and Mrsic put our team ahead at the 15.13 mark (27-29) for the first time in the game.  In the remaining time of the quarter, Montepaschi rallied and the first half ended with the score standing at 39 - 36.

In the third quarter, offense against Montepaschi continued with baskets from Lavrinovic.  Ömer Aşık’s 25.07 basket put Fenerbahçe ahead once more.  Thornton and Lavrinovic could not stop the opposing team from scoring critical points,  however, and the last quarter began with the scoreboard standing at 55-51.  The last quarter saw McIntyre and Thornton each scoring 3-pointers but Fenerbahçe could not catch up for the rest of the match.  The final score was 73-66 which left Fenerbahçe down by 0-1 in the three-match series.   

‘We couldn’t resist their strength’

Fenerbahçe coach Bogdan Tanjevic commented on the fierce competitiveness and combat zone intensity of the Montepaschi Siena team, which Fenerbahçe’s players had not been able to overcome. Tanjevic said they had played a good game but had lost momentum toward the end.  He continued, “They played the entire season like a perfect team but we were never this good. They play rough, sometimes too rough for the rules. The referees gave them a chance to be as rough as they wanted to.  Despite the fact that we are not accustomed to playing a rough contact game, we have arrived at a point where we can win games.  In the last quarter, the two 3–pointers that were scored seemed to boost their morale and they destroyed us. When we win by 10 points our fans become ecstatic.  I hope our wonderful fans will be by our side on Thursday evening.”

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