Krasic and Baroni participated in the Metrocyle introduction

MilosKrasic and Cristian Baroni, who participated in the introduction of the Metrocycle which operates on the energy provided by Ülker Metro, handed out autographs to fans.

Ülker Metro, which calls out to consumers with the slogan “Full of Energy”, has signed off on yet another first in the world by giving energy to a motorcycle. A motorcycle that operates with Metro energy was produced in cooperation with the Istanbul Technical University Energy Institute for the Metro Energy Test 2 advertisement campaign.

The Metrocycle introduction that was held on Saturday October 13, 2012 was attended by Fenerbahçe’s star football players Milos Krasic and CristianBaroni.

The player signed cards that were prepared in the shape of uniforms at the Ülker Sports Arena and also took pictures with fans.

The activity was followed by a performance by famous DJ Ozan Çolakoğlu and later the American motocross acrobatic team MotoHeroes. The motorcycle drivers provided excitement with their freestyle acrobatic act in the performance at the Ülker Sports Arena. The group consisting of 17 people had performed before in U.S., Canada, Mexico, Poland, Taiwan, China, Israel and Dubai. 

About the Metro Energy test 2: 
Ülker Metro was the first brand to film an advertisement with electricity created by bicyclists who had eaten Ülker Metro in 2011. The project was realized through collaboration with the ITU Energy Institute. After the Metro Energy Test 1 the brand managers who wanted to take their claim about energy even further made a decision with the ITU Energy Institute and advertisement agency Alametifarika to built a motorcycle that functions on Metro energy

The Metrocycle produced by the İTÜ Energy Institute operates solely on energy from Metro bars. The fat and sugar molecules in Metro are used by the motorcycle with the help of a pyrolysis reaction which breaks them down into smaller hydrocarbon molecules and with a special compressor fills them into high pressure tubes. The energy of the gas in these tubes is turned into mechanical energy by the motorcycle.

The motorcycle reaches a speed of  100km/hour in 5 second. 1 kg of Metro can transport a motorcycle that is 320 times its own weight for 1 km. The motorcycle can go up to about 120 km/hour.

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