Listen to the sound in the sky

As the Turkish National Team advances in Euro2008, perhaps the main sponsors of the team are more overjoyed than anyone else. The millions of dollars they have invested are generating returns in proportion to the team’s success. The support provided to the National Team by Coca Cola, Turkcell, TTNet and Ülker is important from the aspect of sports sponsorship. The sponsors’ television, newspaper and radio campaigns, plus the field events that are being held, add a whole other dimension to the excitement of Euro 2008.

Ülker, as one of the main sponsors and the multi-pronged advertising campaign that it has prepared for the Euro 2008 European Football Championship, as well as its communications is one of the top organizations that are fanning the flames of excitement for the event. The Ülker Group of Companies invests 38 million dollars annually in the sports of football and basketball. Its TV ad, produced with the participation of the National team players, its PR activities, the internet site it established at, its distribution network and continuing field activities are indications of a highly professional campaign.  The group is producing special Euro 2008 products such as Red-White Chewy and interactive National Team theme-based promotional campaigns such as the one for Içim Süt. According to the information we have received, since June 2007, 168 million chocolate and cookie products with the National Team logo on the packaging have been distributed to sales points by 2,500 delivery trucks sporting the National Team colors.  These trucks have travelled 61 million km in the last 6 months.

Ülker Corporate Communications Director Zuhal Şeker called attention to the partnership between the National team and Ülker that is making the brand more recognizable in the international arena, saying, “Just as our National Team is competing with European giants on the football field, Ülker is competing with world-renowned brands to gain recognition and taking sure steps to become an internationally known brand name.”

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