Music prepared by Ülker for Euro 2008 has been adopted as the National Team March

As the main sponsor of the National Team in Euro2008 Ülker’s communications efforts are beginning to produce positive results for the group, which invests 38 million dollars annually in Turkish sports. As our National Team advances with victory after victory in Europe, fans have embraced the video clip that was prepared by Ülker as part of its communications efforts to promote Euro 2008.

Ülker’s video clip, “Hep seninleyiz Türkiye” (We’re  all behind you, Turkey), prepared as part of its sponsorship campaign for our National Team in the Euro 2008 championship has been downloaded from the internet a record number of times. The music heard during the clip is adapted from a piece by Norwegian group Helldorado and given Turkish lyrics.

The clip has been shown on Norway’s TV2 and on many other television channels and on TV programs and news bulletins as part of the news about the National Team, accompanied by Ülker’s music.  So far, a total of 92,619 people have downloaded the clip to their cell phones and computers.

The music, with words by Ömer Ahunbay was viewed as a touchstone in Ülker’s communications strategy for the National Team.  The same music was used in another film that was prepared for the send-off of the National Team to Euro 2008.  The commercial, video clip and field events are parts of Ülker’s four-pronged National Team communications strategy, as is the web site created at, which was especially popular with the younger fans. The “” internet site has been accessed 1,288,000 times since it was launched. A total of nearly 9,143,000 fans have seen the site and 190,762 messages have been sent to the National Team.

The National Team and Ülker are Turkey’s two top brand names

Stating that the work for Euro 2008 had begun 4 months ago, Ülker Corporate Communications Director Zuhal Şeker added, “Our communications strategy has consolidated Ülker's years of involvement with sport, shown that we are the greatest supporter of the National Team and identified Ülker even moreso as an organization that instills in our children, feelings of joy and pride in our nation, through sports.  Our strategy was designed as well, to establish an emotional bond with consumers, and to communicate the message “I grew up with Ülker, and now it has ‘once again won my heart’”. At this point, I think we can safely say that we have been very successful.”

Commenting that the “two top brand names in Turkey” are the National Team and Ülker,  Şeker continued, “Ülker and the National Team have many points in common.” She added, “The Turkish National Team is moving from victory to victory in the European sports arena, while Ülker is also competing with its rivals in Europe and the rest of the world. Ülker, just like the Turkish National Team is a brand that is “close to our hearts.”  Ülker and its subsidiary brand names are highly recognizable and beloved by their fans. A study carried out by KMG, ‘Lovemarks’ showed that Ülker is the most beloved brand name with a 13% share. In the same category, Cola Turka placed 11th with a share of % 4. According to Nielsen, Ülker is the most recognizable brand name and the 2nd brand that most consumers identify with good feelings, leaving many domestic and international brands far behind. As for Cola Turka, in the same category, it placed between the top two brands. We know that the popularity of Ülker and its subsidiary brand names has been enhanced and intensified by sports.

TV channels on which the video can be seen:
Kanal 24, BJK TV, CNN Türk, DreamTürk, DreamTV, Fenerbahçe TV, GS TV, Haber Türk, Kral, MTV Türkiye?, NTV Spor, NO1, NTV, PowerTurk TV and Sky Türk.

Radio stations that broadcast the music:
Alem FM, Numberone, Kral FM, Radyo Oxigen, Radyo Eksen, Radyo FG, Metro FM, Radyo Viva, Radyo 7, Radyo Tatlıses, Power FM and Süper FM.

Other ways to enjoy the music/clip:
The video clip is shown in Turkish Airlines flights and in all Café Crown shops. In cities such as Istanbul, Gaziantep and Şanlıurfa, karaoke field events will be held.

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