O’lala chocolate souffle crowned with yet another award

Ülker O’lala Chocolate Souffle receives the “Superior Taste Award” from iTQi in Brussels.

Ülker O’lala Chocolate Souffle has once again earned the “Superior Taste Award” – which the iTQi (International Taste Institute) gives out to any food or beverage that tastes great and is of the highest quality. The first time O’lala received this award was in 2015.

The iTQi’s test taste panel features over 150 gourmets, chefs, beverage experts, and academics who have selected from 16 of Europe’s most prestigious culinary and beverage associations.

O’lala got full marks for its wonderful flavor. Previous accolades include the Nielsen Retailer Panel’s “Ground-Breaking Innovation Award,” from 2016.

O’lala Souffle first came onto the market in 2014. The O’lala family later expanded to include three additional members: Raspberry, Mini Souffle, and – as of this year- Waffle.


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