Ömer Aşık, Euroleague’s blocking king

He is our Shaq. The young player who joined the Fenerbahçe Ülker club at mid-season has dreams of playing in the NBA like his idol, Mehmet Okur.

Turkish basketball learned about him 2 years ago, and in a big way. Under the hoop, he’s a nightmare for competitors. At 2.13 meters in height, his blocking ability really cuts down on their scoring opportunities. His journey in the Euroleague began 3 months ago.

We are talking about Ömer Aşık.

One of Fenerbahçe’s young star players.

Last year he was the rebound king and 2nd best blocker.  This season he made a good start with Alpella at mid-season. Then he woke up to find himself with his beloved Fenerbahçe Ülker. Ömer Faruk Aşık began his romance with basketball and had great success playing for Alpella in the 2005 – 2006 season. He made two blocks in the Rytas match, raised the score by 19 points, and placed in the Euroleague TOP 16 as the player who has made the most blocks in its history. Ömer, the rebound nightmare, buried the Zalgaris Kaunas-uniformed Lithuanian pivot Darjus Lavrinovic with 17 blocks in 2004-2005.  In his last match Ömer, playing against Siena, made 2 blocks and finished his Euroleague season with 21 blocks.  The Fenerbahçe favorite, who drew attention from NBA scouts and was 28th on their draft list, began his career in the Euroleague on December 13, 2007, a step closer to accomplishing his dream of playing in the NBA.  

That match when Ömer Aşık made the both ball and Real Madrid’s Greek football star Lazaros Papadapoulos jump through the hoop is still remembered …

Ömer Aşık, born in Bursa in 1987, is continuing to the top as the blocking king, with confident strides. The star began as a player with the Fenerbahçe Youth team, advanced to the 2nd League, Işıkspor and then went on to play with Alpella and Fenerbahçe. Last year he blocked 59 shots in 31 matches (averaging 1.9 per game).

The 2.13 meter giant is learning to compensate more quickly for his limitations as he plays at this current level Ömer is on his way to becoming a devastating pivot for the National Team and Fenerbahçe Ülker.  Despite his height, he is very mobile under the net, which gives competitors something to brood about.  

Ömer Aşık looks up to our pride and joy of the Utah Jazz, Metin Okur as his role model and wants especially to be able to shoot baskets like his idol. His goals up to 2010 have been determined… first to taste the championship with Fenerbahçe and then on to the NBA…

He loves to work

Despite his shy appearance, the star has a great sense of humor and is known as a hard worker. It would be impossible not to explain about some of the things his hard work has accomplished….

“I began to play basketball with Coach Fikret Doğan, and I learned a lot of things from him. In the season when I wore the TBL and FMV Işık uniform, I worked with Orhun Ene. It was a difficult season and he gave me many opportunities because he had confidence in me. Before Aleaddin Yakan of Alpella had a chance to transfer a foreign player to my position, the season started and right from the beginning he let me know that he had confidence in me.  The opportunity he gave me in the Beko basketball League was very important for my career. These three training coaches put a lot of effort into my development. Besides them, I go lot of motivational support from Aydın Örs. He was the one who called me to the Fenerbahçe Ülker camps and training sessions and provided me with opportunities to contribute. I want to thank everyone very much for the effort they spent on me.”

Aydın Örs, who left at the beginning of the last season, reminisced about Alpella’s getting hold of Ömer Aşık after Semih’s injury: “I thought t he move was the right thing to do. Actually, if I had still been there I would have voted for the choice. Because that is the way it is with Alpella. It wasn’t established to climb in the standings, but to prepare players for the future.  If they need a player, they get him.”

Ömer Aşık follows the NBA statisticians closely, “There are some great games. Instinct is important for rebounds and your intuition must be strong for blocks. The road is open,” he commented…

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