See you later

After losing the first game of the quarter final series to Siena, Fenerbahçe defeated Siena in Istanbul and sent them this message: “We will win two in a row and advance to the Final Four”.

The match started tensely

In an away game of the Euroleague quarter final series, the Italian team Montepaschi Siena defeated Fenerbahçe Ülker by a score of 73-66 to go ahead in the series by one point.  The two teams started the game on a tense note and mistakes were repeatedly made under the basket, but the quarter ended with the home team ahead by 23-16.  At the beginning of the second quarter, after Siena had scored 9 points, Fenerbahçe rallied and threw a few 3-pointers of their own to end the first half of the game 39-36, three points ahead of the Italian team.

Ball fumbling ruined us

Ömer Onan succeeded in getting around the defense of the competitors the second half and put the Fenerbahçe team ahead once again. Due to some simple ball-losses by Fenerbahçe, Montepaschi was able to score easy points and at the beginning of the last quarter they were ahead by 55-51.  The 4th quarter began with Siena making 11 points but they could not resist the advance of Damir Mrsic and the visitors lost the game by 7 points.

ARENA: Palasports Mens Sana

REFERREES: Koukoulekidis (Greece), Hierrezuelo (Spain), Pukl (Slovenia)

MONTEPASCHI SIENA: Mcintyre *** 12, Ilievski ** 5, Eze * 4, Carraretto ** 6, Sato ** 5, Thornton *** 14, Lavrinovic *** 16, Diener *, Romeo ** 4, Stonerook ** 7

FENERBAHÇE ÜLKER: White *, Solomon ** 11, Ömer * 2, Rasim *, Semih *** 12, Mrsiç *** 11, Vidmar ** 7, Oğuz *, Kinsey *** 12, Preldziç *** 7

1st  period: 23-16,
Intermission: 39-36,
3rd  period: 55-51

Tomorrow at Ipekçi

The return match between Fenerbahçe Ülker and Siena will be played tomorrow at 20.15 in the Abdi Ipekçi Sports Auditorium.  If our team wins the game, disregarding the point spread, the series will continue with a 3rd game which will be played on the home turf of the group leader in the TOP 16, Siena.

Olympiakos surprise

In another Euroleague quarter final series game the first match was snatched away from its competition by Olympiakos. The team had bad performances in the two tours, and got into the final 8 at the last minute because of its shocking away-game 76-74 win over CSKA. In the other quarter final series, Maccabi overcame visiting Barcelona, 81-75, and TAU defeated Partizan 74-66 at home, to put each of the teams ahead 1-0 in their series.

Solomon injured!

After success in the try-outs during the last training session, Willie Solomon elbow injury did not stop him from being put into the next game. The American played far below his capability, especially during the final quarter because he could not manage to avoid making mistakes. Solomon, who was agitated during the game, was given a technical foul in the first period.

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