TFF-They are running towards the future from Ülker Football Villages

While the Football villages held within the scope of the Football for Kids program prepare young football players for the future, many of the children that participated in the program take advantage of the opportunity to play on major teams and national teams.

The TFF – Ülker Football Villages that were held this year by the Turkish Football Federation with the support of Ülker in Erzurum, Isparta, Nevşehir, Sakarya, Sinop, Gümüşhane and Kocaeli for a total of 7 provinces have been concluded. The Football Villages, which hosted a total of 160 girls included in a total of 400 children between the ages of 12 and 13 from the four corners of Turkey, increased the number of graduates to 3,600.

The successful players that come out of these villages have significant contributions in enriching the infrastructure of football teams and the national team. 20 boy and 10 girl players that have emerged from the TFF-Ülker Football Villages to be transferred to the Young National and Club infrastructure teams are advancing into the future with solid steps. While a major portion of these players represent our country in big organizations such as the European Championships and the Youth Olympics some of them have even succeeded in rising to the A team of their teams.

56 trainers gave 300 hours of football training in 7 villages…

The Football Villages project within the scope of the Football for Kids program organized by the Turkish Football Federation with the support of Ülker, is preparing tiny talented football players for the future. The Nevşehir portion of the Football Villages, one of the most important programs, which has reached over 220,000 children since 2007, hosted some important guests as well as talented players. In support of the project Yıldız Holding Board of Directors Chairman Murat Ülker, TFF Football Development Director Tolunay Kafkas and other holding and federation authorities visited with the children.

During the ‘Ülker – A Happy Moment’ hour organized for the entertainment of the children, Murat Ülker said that he was very impressed by the discussion he had with the children and the training program at the facility, and emphasized that it was very important to them to invest in projects directed at children.

8 trainers in every village for a total of 56 football trainers are assigned to provide a total of 39 hours of football and 3 hours of indoor football training in each village. The children also received drama training as well as 9 hours of chess, but didn’t neglect to have fun during the Ülker Happy Moments hour. The children, who had fun in games such as sack races, dart throwing and tug of war as well as making new friends, also planted 120 new saplings within the scope of environmental awareness training.

Successful athletes who have emerged from the TFF – Ülker Football Villages :
  Name Date of Birth Team Played on Achievements
1 Anıl DEMİR 1996 Giresunspor  
2 Aziz CEYLAN 1996 Fenerbahçe  
3 Barış BİLİCİ 1996 Dardanelspor  
4 Berk YILDIZ 1996 Galatasaray Advanced to Galatasaray A Team
5 Beykan ŞİMŞEK 1995 Fenerbahçe Played in the U17 European Championship Finals
6 Doğan ERDOĞAN 1996 Samsunspor  
7 Emre CÖMERT 1994 Giresunspor  
8 Furkan KOPUZ 1996 Çaykur Rizespor  
9 Hüseyin Altuğ TAŞ 1996 Galatasaray  
10 Kemal Sabri BAYRAKTAR 1998 Samsunspor  
11 Mahmuthan Samet ACAR 1996 Bucaspor  
12 Mehdi AKGÜL 1996 Fenerbahçe  
13 Melih OKUTAN 1996 Fenerbahçe  
14 Mehmet Göktuğ BAKIRBAŞ 1996 Göztepe  
15 Muhammet DEMİRCİ 1996 Beşiktaş Advanced to Beşiktaş A Team
16 Oğulcan ÇAĞLAYAN 1996 Bursaspor  
17 Ramazan CİVELEK 1996 Fenerbahçe  
18 Sedat Burak ALTAY 1995 Kayserispor  
19 Ufuk ER 1995 Beşiktaş  
20 Yusuf Selim ŞAHİN 1996 Bucaspor  
1 Yaşam GÖKSU 1995 National Youth Team Represented Turkey in the I. Youth Olympic Games Played in the U19 European Championship Finals
2 Eda KARATAŞ 1995 National Youth Team Represented Turkey in the I. Youth Olympic GamesPlayed in the U19 European Championship Finals
3 Ümran ÖZEV 1995 U-15 National Team Represented Turkey in the I. Youth Olympic Games
4 Nazmiye AYTOP 1995 U-15 National Team Represented Turkey in the I. Youth Olympic Games
5 Dilan AKARSU 1995 U-15 National Team Represented Turkey in the I. Youth Olympic Games
6 Burçin ŞARKLI 1995 U-15 National Team  
7 Büşra ADAMOL 1995 U-15 National Team  
8 Bilge TENK 1995 U-15 National Team  
9 Buket CUMALI 1995 U-15 National Team  
10 Esra KAÇAR 1995 U-15 National Team  
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