The best marketing ideas will compete for “Ülker Dankek” at bizz@kampüs

This year, 3rd and 4th-year university students and graduate students will compete for “Dankek”, one of Ülker's iconic flavors, in the 'bizz@kampüs' competition, which witnessed the struggle of innovative marketing ideas for Ülker's most popular brands. Applications for the competition, at which young people develop marketing-oriented strategies for different Ülker brands each year, will take place between 9 January and 9 February 2023. The teams ranking among the top 3 in the competition will be awarded a total of 127 thousand 500 Turkish Liras and the right to do long-term internships.

At bizz@kampüs, where innovative marketing projects for a different Ülker brand are developed each year, this year participants will compete with their ideas for Ülker “Dankek”. At bizz@kampüs, 3rd and 4th-year university students and graduate students will produce projects to come up with creative marketing-oriented ideas for Ülker Dankek in teams of 2-3 people. Applications for bizz@kampüs, which will be held for the 12th time, will be made between 9 January and 9 February 2023.

Applications will be made at for the competition, where students will rehearse business life in some way and gain experience in producing in a team, developing innovative ideas, planning the project in detail, and presentation techniques. In the competition, the top 50 teams will be selected after the teams complete the project preparation stages. These teams will shape their projects in line with the instructions given, and the number of teams will be reduced to 10 for the final stage. The winners at bizz@kampüs will be determined by the final organization to be held on May 10-11, 2023. In the competition, long-term internship opportunities will be offered to those who rank among the top 3. In addition, TRY 50 thousand for the first place, TRY 42 thousand 500 for the second, TRY 35 thousand for the third, and a total of TRY 127 thousand 500 will be awarded.

“We offer an important experience environment before starting the business life.”

Having stated that more than 40 thousand people from more than 10 thousand teams had attended bizz@kampüs to date, Ülker Human Resources Vice President Faruk Gözleveli said, “Every year, our competitors share their innovative marketing ideas with us for a different Ülker product and receive mentorship support from experts. Thanks to bizz@kampüs, we offer a unique experience for young people before they start their careers. Our last competition received applications from 286 different departments of 169 different universities. The faculties that sent the highest number of applications were engineering, economics and administrative sciences, and communication, while the departments that sent the highest number of applications were industrial engineering, food engineering, public relations, and advertising. An exciting process will be experienced in the new period as well, and our competitors will develop projects for Ülker Dankek. We invite all our young people who want to experience this excitement with us to apply to bizz@kampüs”.

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