The Greatest Entertainment of the Year; Ülker Women's Matinee

Dear women, are you up for unwinding from the weariness of the whole year to have fun and laugh to your hearts' content? Then, clear your calendars on Wednesday, September 18 and 25! Because we are all going to the Ülker Women’s Matinee.

Ülker organized the first “Women’s Matinee" on January 16, 2013 and it is inviting our women to the greatest entertainment of the year with acclaimed performers Gülben Ergen, Mustafa Ceceli, Mehmet Ali Erbil and the Harem Rhythm Group in Ankara and Istanbul on two dates in September.

The ladies will be entertained in the full sense of the word at the Ülker Women's Matinee in the Ankara Arena on Wednesday, September 18 and in the Ülker Sports Arena on Wednesday, September 25.

Turkey's renowned performers, Mustafa Ceceli and Gülben Ergen, will sing the very best songs only for our women on those days. Mehmet Ali Erbil and the Harem Rhythm Group will also take to the stage with unique shows at the Matinee.

We look forward to seeing you at the Ülker Women’s Matinee, the greatest entertainment of the year with concerts, shows and activities outdoing each other throughout the day.

How to Participate?

You can win 2 tickets for every 20 TL and above spent at participating stores and sales points in Istanbul on August 17-18, September 24-25, August 31-September 1, September 7-8, September 14-15 and September 21-22-23-24.

As well as at stands that will be set up in Ankara on August 17-18, August 24-25, August 31-September 1, September 7-8 and September 14-15! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Participating stores list:

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Carrefour-İçerenköy  Adese-Akköprü
Carrefour-Acıbadem  Adese-Optimum
Carrefour-Ümraniye  Adese-Etlik
Carrefour-Maltepe-Park  Adese-Keçiören
Carrefour-Maltepe-Merkez  Akyurt-Yunus-Emre
Cex-Palladıum  Akyurt-Akgül
Çağrı-Bulgurlu  Akyurt-Etlik 
Çağrı-Dudullu  Akyurt-Ayvalı
Çağrı-Kozyatağı  Akyurt-Ufuktepe
Çağrı-Bostancı  Altunbilekler-Natoyolu-1
Çağrı-Kartal  Altunbilekler-Gazino-2
Çağrı-Küçükyalı  Altunbilekler-Tepebaşı
Çağrı-İçerenköy  Altunbilekler-Karşıyaka
Çağrı-Üsküdar  Altunbilekler-Elvankent-Gold
Çağrı-Yeni-Çamlıca  Başgimpa-Fatih
Çağrı-Selami-Ali  Başgimpa-Hüseyingazi
Çetinkaya-Dudullu  Beğendik-Kocatepe
Hakmar-Pendik  Carrefour-Batıkent
Hakmar-Gözdağı Carrefour-Cepa
Happy-Ümraniye  Çağdaş--Meydan--Batıkent
Happy-Üsküdar  Çağdaş--Kızılay
Happy-Çekmeköy  Kiler--Ulus
Happy-Maltepe  Kiler--Dışkapı
Happy-İçerenköy  Kiler--Batıkent
Happy-Çekmeköy  Kiler-Elvankent
Happy-Çekmeköy-2  Makro-Abidinpaşa
Kiler-Kavacık  Makro-Gölbaşı-1
Kiler-Üsküdar  Makro-Çayyolu
Kiler-Ümraniye  Makro-Eryaman-1
Migros-Kartal-Sahil  Makro-İstanbulyolu
Migros-Çekmeköy-/-Paradise  Makro-Dikmen-1
Migros-Soyak  Makro-Keçiören
Migros-Optimum  Makro-Çankaya
Migros-Çengelköy  Makro-Nata-Vega
Migros-Caddebostan  Makro-Demetkent
Migros-Süreyyapaşa  Migros--Akköprü
Migros-Kartal  Migros-Keçiören
Mopaş-Zümrütevler  Migros-Göksu
Mopaş-Acıbadem-1  Migros-Eryaman 5M
Mopaş-Atalar  Real-Etlik 
Mopaş-Cevizli-3  Soykan-Ulus 
Mopaş-Tuzla-1  Soykan-Çukur-Ambar
Mopaş-Cevizli-2  Yunus-Okyanus
Mopaş-Dudullu  Yunus-Dolpin
Rammar-Ümraniye  Yunus-Eryaman
Rammar-Uğur-Mumcu-1  Yunus-Çakırlar
Rammar-Uğur-Mumcu-2  Yunus-Akdere
Real-Kartal  Yunus-Pursaklar


10.30 - 13.00 – Opening Surprises from Ülker

13.00 - 15.30 – Women's Matinee

Transportation September 18 / Ülker Sports Arena


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25 September / Ankara (Arena) Sports Saloon

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Brands in campaign

    • Ülker announced its first quarter 2022 financial results

      Ülker Bisküvi increased its sales revenue to 5.9 billion TL in the first quarter of 2022. The share of Turkey operations in the sales was 60 percent where as the share of export and international operations in the sales revenue was 40 percent...

    • Yıldız Holding made Türkiye a production and export base with Ülker Biscuits

      Yıldız Holding produces Ülker Biscuits and Ülker branded products as well as global snack brands such as Godiva, McVitie's and Flipz in Türkiye and brings them to consumers around the world. In 2021, the export figure of Ülker Biscuits in the snack area reached 291 million dollars....

    • Ülker announced its 2021 financial results

      Ülker Bisküvi, Turkey's leading food company, announced its financial results for 2021. Despite all the uncertainties experienced globally during the pandemic, Ülker, strengthed its position in its markets and also continue to growth in domestic and international operations....


      A significant change of position has been made in Turkey’s leading food company Ülker. Mustafa Kabakçı, who worked as Marketing Manager of Ülker Bisküvi Business Unit for the last two years, has been appointed as CMO of Ülker. Kabakçı will be responsible for creating and implementing marketing strategies for Godiva’s market series and McVitie’s brands as well as for Ülker brands....