They made the grade

Fenerbahçe’s two young stars, Semih Erden and Ömer Aşık made a strong impress on the NBA at the European Camp.

The NBA teams are on the trails of Ömer Aşık and Semih Erden. The two young players are being viewed as certain candidates for the draft. The pair is at the European camp with the permission of the F.Bahçe Ülker team.  Of all the players who are at Italy’s camp in Treviso, Semih and Ömer seem to be the favorites. The American scouts came over especially to watch Ömer, Semih and Barış Hersek during training.  Ömer and Semih made a huge impression on the scouts during the training, session known as a play-out. As for Barış,  he has a huge advantage going into next year’s draft season. Ömer Aşık’s manager Justin Zanik, indicated that 30 teams are interested in Ömer and that when his 2 year contract runs out, he will be snapped up and transferred.

Zanik also stated, "Ömer’s future is very bright and they think he will be a big star.  He has to stay in Turkey for at least another year, but after his contract is finished they are thinking of transferring him.”
Semih Erden who was at the NBA camp, is one of the most skilled players. Semih’s manager, Andy Miller, described Semih as the camp favorite. Semih’s undisciplined behavior in the past and the time still left in his contract with Fenerbahçe is causing the NBA team representatives to hesitate a bit. However, in meetings, they indicated that Semih has matured a lot and is ready to play in the NBA. Semih is expected to be transferred to a big team in the NBA.

Another young player who was chosen to play on the National A Team, Barış Hersek, is also having success at the camp and he is also being scouted as a possible transfer to the NBA within the next few years. The three youngsters from Turkey were especially chosen by the camp as it’s most skilled and talented players. They proved they are ready for the NBA.

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