Ülker and its brands have become the leader on Facebook with 6 million fans

Ülker and its brands which strive to provide consumers with happy moments, have reached a total of 6 million fans on Facebook. Ülker, along with its brands, has taken first place among Facebook fans of rapid consumption products to reach a total of 6 million fans, a fact that Ülker is celebrating together with its fans.

Ülker and its brands, among the favorites in Turkey, have been working to strengthen relations with its consumers, establish interactive communication and put forth intense efforts to share happy moments through social media tools since the year 2010. Ülker has stood by consumers from 7 to 70 and from all walks of life to increase the number of Facebook fans that spend a major portion of their time on the internet, to 6 million.

Yıldız Holding Marketing Director Ahad Afridi has said, “Young and old, everyone happily consumes the products of Ülker and its brands which have always been a part and made an impact on their happy moments. In these days where internet use is so widespread that it has become a part of our lives, it has become imperative that we take our place next to our consumers on social networks as well. Our purpose in the work we have been conducting in digital format is not only to remind our consumers about the Ülker brand but also to provide them with Ülker filled happy moments as they spend a large portion of time on the internet.”

The first major step into the social media of Ülker, which has always made investments in the social media in parallel with their brand communications, was made in the year 2010 with the “Happy Moment Photograph Competition” that was started on Ülker’s Facebook page. In time the Happy Moment campaign as well as using Facebook as part of a 360-degree communication branch or on its own for community management, applications and prize campaigns, has increased the number of fans for the brands. On special days (like Mother’s Day and holidays) campaigns were organized to present prizes such as sports event tickets and Ülker Happy Moment boxes to consumers.

Within the framework of the 6 million fans’ celebrations, Ülker followers can share their happy moments on the page and have the opportunity to win one of 100 “Happy Moments Gift Boxes” full of Ülker products. At a later date the pictures that are selected will be used to create a Happy Moments mosaic which will be broadcasted on the Facebook page as well as on

•    With a total of 6 million Facebook followers, Ülker and its brands have earned the position of being the group with the most followers in Turkey.
•    In one year consumers have spent a total of 2 million minutes on the Ülker websites
•    The Ülker web sites have been visited by a total of 10 million visitors since the beginning of 2012 and a total of 50 million pages have been viewed.
•    Ülker videos have been watched a total of 36 million times in one year.
•    Yıldız Holding has over 100 web sites and 40 Facebook fan pages.
•    The contents under have gotten 20,000 comments and 90,000 “likes” in 2012.

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