Ülker announced its 2021 financial results

Ülker Bisküvi, Türkiye's leading food company, announced its financial results for 2021. Despite all the uncertainties experienced globally during the pandemic, Ülker, strengthed its position in its markets and also continue to growth in domestic and international operations.

According to the material disclosure sent by Ülker Bisküvi to the Public Disclosure Platform (KAP), its sales revenue in 2021 was realised as 12.5 billion TL. While the company's domestic operations grew by 27.4%, export and international operations grew by 31.5%. The contribution of exports and international operations in sales revenue reached  41.1 percent.

Mete Buyurgan, CEO of Ülker, stated that; since the beginning of the pandemic despite the increase in input costs, they have been getting across this process with  non – stop production,  continuous process ,adding value to Türkiye with new products and a well-balanced product portfolio, business spanning different geographies, risk management structure and 78 years of experience.

“With our vision of making our country a manufacturing and export hub, we continued our efforts to gain strength in global competition and to maintain our position and leadership in the markets we are in. We have strengthened our position in the Middle East, North Africa and Central Asian markets. We are the market leader in biscuits in Saudi Arabia and Egypt. In Kazakhstan, we are number three in the chocolate market. Our steady growth in Kazakhstan has continued. We maintained our market leadership in biscuits and chocolate in Türkiye. The contribution of Türkiye operations in sales revenue was realised as 58.9 percent, the share of our export and international operations in sales revenue was reached to 41.1 percent, and our consolidated EBITDA margin was 18.6 percent. The share of our exports and international operations in EBITDA rose to 46.3 percent. Although the movements in  foreign exchange markets in the last quarter of 2021 bring some difficulties in the short term, we act in line with our solid strategies to achieve them in the medium and long term”

New product launches continue with a pace

Stating that they continue to expand the market with innovative products in 2021, Buyurgan said, “Last year, we launched a total of 86 new products. With the improvements we made in our innovation processes, we increased the share of our new products in sales revenue compared to previous years. We are working with the aim of continuing our growth in the coming years with the support given to us by our consumers and stakeholders.”

Reminding that while exporting to over 100 countries around the world, Ülker, which has more than 9,000 employees, continues its production facilities in 13 factories, 9 in Türkiye and 4 abroad, Buyurgan also conveyed the following information about 2021:

• In recent years, we have made significant progress in our sustainability efforts, which we carry out with the zero- waste company model. Our achievements have enabled us to be actively involved in international platforms such as the S&P Global ESG Index, the S&P Global The Sustainability Yearbook, and the edie Sustainability Leaders Awards. The year 2022 started with good news. For the second time, we were included in S&P Global's The Sustainability Yearbook 2022 list of 7554 companies. We became the only Turkish food company in the food products category. In the upcoming period, climate change, food preservation, sustainable raw material supply, water risks will be the areas we prioritize.

• We ranked at the top as the most popular snack brand in Türkiye's Lovemarks 2021 Survey, which was held for the 14th time in cooperation with MediaCat- Ipsos.

• By acquiring Önem Gıda which has been supplying semi-finished products for many years, we gathered the entire production process in chocolate and bakery products within our company. Thus, we took an important step within the scope of our export and sustainable growth strategy.

• In line with our sustainable growth targets, we have undertaken many innovative projects under the headings of R&D, innovation and digitalization. We follow technology closely, especially IoT and Industry 4.0. We closely monitor supply chain processes end-to-end, as well as consumer behavior and trends. We continue to work on the efficiency of digitalization projects.

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