Ülker, Café Crown and Dankek 8 Cake win Crystal Apple Awards

Café Crown and Dankek have each won a first place award at the 21st Annual Crystal Apple Awards ceremonies. Café Crown won first place in the “Best Corporate Web Site” category and Dankek 8 Cake won a first place Crystal Apple in the “Rich Media Banner” category. Ülker took a third place award in the “Standard Banner” category for the street football banner in its “Wherever you Find Football you will Find us” campaign.

Ülker, Café Crown and Dankek 8 have each won a Crystal Apple Award. At the 21st Annual Crystal Apple Awards (2008-2009) Ceremony, Café Crown’s corporate web site won first place in the “Best Corporate Web Site” category, Dankek 8 Cake placed first in the “Rich Media Banner” category and Ülker took third place with its “Wherever you Find Football you will Find us” campaign street football banner, in the “Standard Banner” category.

Café Crown’s winning web site contains product descriptions, information about store locations, news about brand names, activities for young people, and advertising films. There is also a selection of entertaining games that visitors to the site can play. The Café Crown web site is creative, entertaining and active. Each page has its own theme and animation.  The 3D models and animations are especially eye-catching.

The home page of the web site depicts a small town with an open air theater, school, café, newspaper stand and an amusement park. There is a heading “The Café Crown Family” where CC products are described and an “Advertisements” section where users can watch Café Crown's television commercials. Under the heading “Fun” there is a section with Café Crown internet games for all ages and you can dance the hoptek with your friends or download wallpaper for your computer. The “News” section contains news about CC and press bulletins, university activities and sponsorships. There is also an award-winning customer survey section.

To visit the Café Crown web site, click here...

Dankek 8 Cake solves your decision-making problem

Dankek 8 Cake is the first cake to offer two flavors in one.  Dankek 8 Cake won a Crystal Apple Award for its interactive banner. The banner, which appeared on the 19 web sites in February and March, was seen by 60 million users, 150,000 of whom clicked on the banner.

Dankek 8 Cake reached its target group via the internet. The creative and unique banner, which was designed to grab the attention of young people, was rewarded with a Crystal Apple Award.  While doing the detailed production work for the banners, the costumes were prepared special attention. Two different video banners first of all illustrated how hard it is to make a decision. To do this, the videos show a banana and an orange trying desperately to get the attention of chocolate that is trying to decide which to choose.
  The two banners get across the idea of how difficult it is to make a decision very effectively. Two comical characters, a banana and a orange are trying desperately to get chocolate to decide between them.  Their antics are very amusing.  In the end we see that “Making a decision isn’t so difficult because there is Dankek 8 Cake…” Dankek 8 Cake, designed with two flavors in the shape of the number 8, has had an impact on the market.  Commercials produced for Dankek 8 Cake have been recognized with a second place award in the chocolate candy and snack foods category.

The Street Banner also won an Award
Ülker won third prize in the “Standard Banner” category for its street banner.
The banner was part of the Ülker "Wherever you Find Football you will Find us" campaign which was an internet application for football fans. The banner was broadcast frequently on football sites and social platforms, and mostly in Turkey, it attracted an average click rate of 11%.  

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