Ülker entertained 125,000 kids at the movies

Organized to coincide with the annual April 23rd National Sovereignty and Children’s Festival holiday, Ülker’s free day at the movies was attended 125,000 children; “Nim’s Island” was shown in 123 auditoriums in 33 provinces. Taking the children’s parents into account, 165,000 people had an opportunity to see the film.

To commemorate the April 23rd National Sovereignty and Children’s Festival holiday, the free day at the movies event which Ülker organized for kids drew a lot of interest. Ülker, as the sponsor, arranged for the children to enjoy the film “Nim’s Island” at 123 separate locations in 33 provinces on the 19th and 20th of April.  The film whose Turkish rights are owned by Fida Film ran for two days, nearly 1,300 times, and was watched for free by 165,000 individuals, 125,000 of which were children. The extensive event was publicized through television, radio and newspaper advertisements and the organization in the field was carried out by a team of 400 individuals.  An Ülker field team consisting of two people coordinated and managed arrangements at each location. A page on the web site address at was added to provide more information about the event.

We will continue to develop projects that are child-oriented
Ülker Corporate Communications Director Zuhal Şeker expressed delight at the number of children who had attended the movie and said that Ülker will continue to create projects that are child-oriented. Şeker stated, “We wanted to give a gift to the children who were seen by Atatürk as the future of the country on the special day that he had proclaimed for them, the April 23rd National Sovereignty and Children’s Festival.  I would like to thank the parents who allowed and encouraged their children to attend the film.  The thank you messages we received have made us very happy.”

Thousands of thank you messages:
* Thank you in the name of Turkey for the beautiful gift you gave us on April 19th and 20th. I am very proud that we have a brand name such as yours. Thanks to you, we watched a delightful film as a family.  The gifts that you distributed at the end of the show were wonderful and made the kids very happy.  You created a wonderful opportunity for children who have never been to a movie, many thanks, I m so glad we have you:)) / Ankara – Yenimahalle

* As a mother, I put the happiness of my children before anything else. Your organization of the April 23rd film “Nim’s Island” and the chocolate gifts you distributed after the showing made the children very happy. My gratitude knows no bounds. I congratulate you for your thoughtfulness. / Istanbul – Kadiköy
* We attended the film that you organized for the children over the weekend on Sunday, at an auditorium in Mersin. Thanks to you, I was able to bring my neighbor’s son, who had never been to a movie. He was unbelievably pleased.  As we left the auditorium we received your products as gifts. I want to congratulate you for your unselfish gesture. It’s not often that we see such generosity. / Mersin

* This evening at 19:15, my children and I went to see “Nim’s Island”. The film was wonderful and the huge, marvelous gift packet that we received on the way out of the auditorium was very thoughtful. I was touched when my children said, “Daddy, this is a wonderful April 23rd isn’t it?” As a matter of fact we rarely miss children’s movies, but the gift packets that were given out after the film conquered the hearts of my kids. I call upon all of the big companies to take the event you organized as an example for them to adopt a similar policy for commemorating the world’s only national day set aside for children. I am grateful for the movie and your gift packet that made the holiday special.  Thank you for the movie and gifts in the name of my wife and children. / Eskişehir

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