Ülker has become a sports locomotive

Ülker’s sponsorship of the National Team, four big football clubs and basketball has distinguished it as the biggest resource for sports.

In 2006, Ülker made the critical decision to contribute more of its resources to Turkish sports. It disbanded its basketball team and began to invest to the tune of 38 million dollars in Turkish football and the Ülkerspor basketball team.

Ülker Corporate Communications Director Zuhal Şeker explained that the move was made with the intention to use the sports investments to become a recognized world brand sports sponsor.  As the company which spends the most on Turkish sports, the company’s goal is to reach more consumer groups that are targeted by world companies, by creating a sentimental bond between sports and customers.


Şeker continued by saying, “In reality, we have started out on this path.  We have already begun to see positive results. Our basketball clubs were in financial difficulty. When they began to transfer good players, the rivalry among the big three was revived.  Last year the average attendance in the play-offs was over 10,000 fans.  For 10 million dollars, Beko agreed to put our brand name on their basketball league. NTV bought the broadcasting rights of basketball games for a three year period. Fenerbahçe advanced to the Euroleague quarter finals. Galatasaray Café Crown and Beşiktaş Cola Turka advance to the ULEB semi finals.”

Main sponsor of a National celebration

Main sponsor of the National Team, Ülker, has signed a 5-year agreement. The company sat down at the negotiating table with each of the big four and worked out sponsorship agreements with them. The Beşiktaş club will wear the main sponsor’s advertising on the fronts of its jerseys while Fenerbahçe, Galatasaray and Trabzonspor players will sport the sponsor’s logo on the sleeves of their uniforms.  In cooperation with the Turkish Football Federation, Ülker has begun to organize events to promote the love of football in fans of all ages.  The “football village” projects in Van have been developed. In basketball, the company is sponsoring the three big clubs. Fenerbahçe’s sponsor, Ülker, has added its brand name to that of the club. Galatsaray was given the Café Crown brand name. Beşiktaş has begun to be associated with Cola Turka.

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      A significant change of position has been made in Turkey’s leading food company Ülker. Mustafa Kabakçı, who worked as Marketing Manager of Ülker Bisküvi Business Unit for the last two years, has been appointed as CMO of Ülker. Kabakçı will be responsible for creating and implementing marketing strategies for Godiva’s market series and McVitie’s brands as well as for Ülker brands....