Ülker improved its sales by 13.6 percent and operating profit by 40.8 percent in the first quarter of 2013.

• Ülker, the biggest food company in Turkey, boosted sales revenues to 716 million Turkish lira with a 13.6 percent rise in the first quarter of 2013. Ülker recorded an operating profit of 70.1 million Turkish lira year-on-year, up from 49.8 million Turkish lira in the first three months of the previous year. • Mehmet Tütüncü, CEO of Ülker said, “The first three months of 2013 materialized in line with our projections and plans. We have accomplished significant growth in turnover and profitability."

Ülker, the biggest food company in Turkey, announced consolidated financial statements of the first quarter of 2013. According to the financial statements sent to the Public Disclosure Platform (PDP), the company achieved consolidated revenues of 716 million Turkish lira with a 13.6 percent boost in the first three months of 2013. Ülker recorded revenues of 630 million Turkish lira in the same period last year.  

Soaring real operating profits 
The main reason behind the positive change in Ülker’s balance sheet is achieving higher sales volume and revenue growth through a plain and competitive business model. Furthermore, performance excellence efforts have also reflected on the balance sheet as an increase in operational profit. 

Ülker increased its operating income to 70.1 million Turkish lira with a significant rise of 40.8 percent in the first quarter of 2013, up from 49.8 million Turkish lira. The company's net profit for the year reached 55.7 million Turkish lira in this quarter. Ülker earned 63.9 million Turkish lira profit in the same period last year.  

We maintain strong growth as planned 
 "Double-digit growth figures and operating profitability achieved in the first quarter of 2013 indicate that the strategies of sustainable growth and profitability continue to reflect consistently on the business results. Our competitiveness in the categories we are involved in reflects also in our market shares. We believe that our perseverance to become customer-focused, more competitive and more innovative will continue to create value for all of our customers and shareholders. The results of the first quarter solidified even more the motivation we have to accomplish our goals for 2013," said Mehmet Tütüncü, CEO of Ülker, regarding the company's performance.

About Ülker  
Ülker was founded in 1944 and it is acknowledged as the most prominent company in the dynamic Turkish market. The company has maintained the leadership in the food market throughout its 69-year history.  Ülker produces biscuits, crackers, chocolates, chocolate covered biscuits, wafers and muffins in nine strategically located factories. Ülker’s marketing and distribution network reaches 175,000 points throughout Turkey. Ülker is traded on the Borsa Istanbul Stock Exchange (BIST) under ULKER.TI (Bloomberg) and ULKER.IS (Reuters) codes. For further information about Ülker Bisküvi and the complete list of products, please visit; 

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      Ülker supports various sports, namely soccer and basketball. It recently signed an agreement with the Turkish Football Federation. For five years, it will become the official sponsor of the Men’s National Football Team as well as the main sponsor of both the Women’s National Team and e-National Team. ...

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