Ülker, the leader of the total snack market, which welcomes the Ramadan Holiday with 50 kinds of gifts and treats, employs 6,700 people this year.

Prepared for the Ramadan Holiday with a total of 50 types of souvenirs and treats, 22 in chocolate and 28 in confectionery, Ülker expects to meet with consumers at sales points and online shopping sites across Türkiye.

Ülker Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Mustafa Kabakçı underlined that the preparations for the holiday have been intense for Ülker since the past and said, “Holidays are one of our common values, which are the basis of our strong and sincere relationship with our consumers. When it comes to holiday treats for those who met Ülker in their childhood, Ülker brand comes to mind first. In order to keep this interest alive, we continue to put Ülker's signature on all of Türkiye's favorite treats. We also prepared intensely for the Ramadan Holiday. Only in this period, we provide additional employment to 6 thousand 700 people in order to offer the best products to our consumers. Once again, we will continue to accompany the most beautiful holiday visits with 22 products in chocolate for gifts and treats, and 28 types of confectionery. The new flavor of this year will be Ülker Buklet, milk chocolate with delicious cocoa cream and crispy puffed rice in its eye-catching and stylish purple packaging, as a treat.”

The treat market grew in 2021

Pointing out that the consumption of chocolate and confectionery doubles during the holidays, Kabakçı said that their leadership in the gift and treat chocolate market continues uninterrupted. Kabakçı said, “In 2021, the size of the Turkish holiday chocolate and confectionery market reached approximately 35 thousand tons and 1.1 billion TL. While the tonnage size of the gift and treat chocolate market was 12,600 tons and the turnover value was 608 million TL, the confectionery market reached 22,200 tons and the turnover was 536 million TL. According to İpsos household consumption panel data, Ülker continued to be the clear leader of the holiday chocolate market with a 35.9% turnover market share. In 2021, the holiday chocolate and confectionery market grew by 45 percent in tonnage and 66 percent in turnover compared to the previous year. While the number of households entering treats increased by 2.8 million from 8.1 million to 10.8 million last year, the number of households entering treats increased by 2.3 million from 7.9 million to 10.2 million."

Packaged products in chocolate are more preferred

Noting that the Turkish gift and treat chocolate market grew by 40 percent in tonnage and 60 percent in turnover in 2021, Kabakçı said that 67 percent of the growth in tonnage came from treat chocolate and 23 percent from packaged gift chocolates. Kabakçı conveyed the following information: “When we look at the holiday chocolate market in terms of tonnage, it is seen that mostly gift-wrapped products are preferred. 55 percent of the gift and treat chocolate market consists of packaged products, and 45 percent consists of bulk products.

Marmara is leading in chocolate, Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia is leading in confectionery.

Mustafa Kabakçı, who also gave information on the regional distribution of holiday chocolate and confectionery in Türkiye, he said that in the sale of gift and treat chocolate, the Marmara Region ranks first with a share of 29.1 percent, as is the case every year, followed by the Central Anatolia Region with a share of 22.1 percent. Kabakçı stated that catering confectionery is mostly consumed in Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia regions with a share of 38.9 percent, followed by Marmara with 19.4 percent and Central Anatolia with 19.1 percent.

Confectionery below 30, chocolate should be stored at 18-22 degrees

Mustafa Kabakçı also made the following evaluation about the points that consumers should pay attention to when buying chocolate and confectionery and in terms of storage conditions:

“The methods followed during the production of chocolate and confectioneries are of great importance. The storage conditions of the consumers become just as important when it comes to the taste of the products. Treats should be stored below 30 degrees, in room conditions, in a cool place out of the sun. Chocolate packaging is an important element in terms of preserving the beauty of the product and the eating experience. The packaging should close and wrap the product very well, preventing exposure to air and light. It is important that the surface of the chocolate is shiny and smooth and melts easily in the mouth. The cocoa butter in chocolate has a very special and delicate crystal structure, so it is sufficient to store it in a cool environment at 18-22 C. It should not be stored in the refrigerator.

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