Ülker will own the backs of the Bursaspor players’ uniforms.

Yıldız Holding has signed an agreement with the 2009-2010 Super League champion Bursaspor. Under the agreement, Ülker will own the backs of the Bursaspor players’ uniforms.

Yıldız Holding’s flagship brand name Ülker has added another cooperative football agreement and made a deal with Bursaspor. According to the agreement, uniforms and other equipment worn by the Bursaspor professional football team will have the Ülker Logo on them.  Another condition was that Ülker will have the right to use the football team in its advertising campaigns, organized events and film shoots. 

Bursaspor President Ibrahim Yazıcı, speaking about his satisfaction with the agreement, said, “The results of the cooperation between Yıldız Holding and the first Anatolian team in 25 years to win the Super League Championship, Bursaspor, is economically beneficial for the team and for the public.  As for the future of football in our country, sponsorship and investments in the clubs will result in better quality and continuity for the teams. I wish the best to both Yıldız Holding and our Bursaspor team. By carrying the Ülker logo on our backs, we will always be aware of the magnitude of the support we have from the Ülker organization and be motivated by that knowledge.”

Yıldız Holding Corporate Communications Director Zuhal Şeker commented, “We think we can contribute to the race for the championship and competition in the Super League and bring color, excitement and quality to the game. As Yıldız Holding, we acknowledge the need for increased competition, continuous development, investment for the future and successful strategies aimed at our football clubs. Bursaspor’s championship win has proved that the team is a vital force that will continue to be successful in the league.  We wish both parties an auspicious and profitable partnership.

Zuhal Şeker explained that Ülker was utilizing its sponsorship as an effective platform to promote football, the most popular sport in the world and in Turkey, and also aiming to foster an emotional bond with football spectators and fans.  She also said that, as Yıldız Holding, the conglomerate is also using its successful sponsorship activities to draw more firms into sponsoring various sports platforms. Şeker said that, as a food-producing group, Ülker was a suitable company to sponsor sports as it is also concerned about related issues like good nutrition and promoting an active lifestyle. She continued, “The events and projects that we undertake to promote sports and the future of sport in our country prioritize children. Yıldız Holding operates many infrastructural projects in cooperation with the Turkish Football Federation and the Turkish Basketball Federation. Over the past 3 years, more than 100,000 children have benefited from these projects which will now also be supported by Bursaspor.  We will benefit from the clubs facilities and invite some of the footballers and technical officials from Bursapor to take part in these projects.”

Zuhal Şeker indicated that the agreement will go into effect following the second half of the season and conveyed congratulations to Ülker and Bursaspor, saying that Yıldız Holding and the Turkish Football Federation are happy to have Bursaspor join the company’s other sponsored teams, Beşiktaş, Fenerbahçe, Galatasaray and Trabzonspor. Pointing out that some of the activities mentioned in the agreement would soon be forthcoming Şeker said that plans for the events would be developed in cooperation with the Bursaspor club. The events will include such things as various competitions, promotional campaigns and interactive application.   


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