Ülker’s eid products are on sale at all shops and online

Ülker has completed its preparations for the Ramadan Feast. Ülker is supporting the traditional eid feelings with the theme “Even though we’re separate this eid, our hearts feel the same things together”, putting its 52 chocolate and confectionery products up for sale at all shops and online.

Ülker has completed its preparations for the Ramadan with its gift and complimentary chocolates and confectionery products, putting its 52 kinds of chocolate and confectionery products up for sale at all shops and online.

Ülker Turkey’s CMO Aslı Özen Turhan pointed out that they prepared differently for Ramadan this year, saying:

“As the leading company of the sector, our production, marketing, and sales teams, in particular, carried out their preparations responsibly and carefully. We have completed our efforts to present our gift and complimentary products with different concept packages in all shops and online shopping sites to our consumers.

The shelves are stocked with Ülker Ece, Çikolatin and Ülker Select...
In addition to our indispensable eid classics, such as Ülker Ece and Ülker Çikolatin, this year’s chocolate novelty will be “Ülker Select Chocolate” with its shell-shaped white milk chocolate outside, filled with delicious hazelnut cream, all inside a stylish gift box.

Iconic chocolates are available in mini sizes
Ülker's popular chocolate snacks “Caramio”, “Laviva”, “Metro” and “Ülker Çikolatalı Gofret” will be available to consumers this eid for the first time in mini sizes. "Ülker Lokumcuk", a classic confectionery inspired by the traditional Turkish delight was first produced by us, and our "Ülker Toffee Gum Mastic", which has a large following, will be among the popular tastes of this eid.

Even though we are separate this eid, our hearts feel the same things together
Turhan stated that they are celebrating the spirit of the eid with the campaign "Even though we are separate this eid, our hearts feel the same things together." She said, "We believe that even if we are socially distanced, our hearts will be united this eid, which we will make tastier with our delicious gift and complimentary products."

Online shopping campaign
Turhan stated that they took a special approach for this period when online shopping was being used more widely and that work was being done so people could send chocolate and confectionery gifts to loved ones who live far away or who cannot visit during the holiday.

"We are the undisputed leader"
Turhan assessed the 2019 festive period for the sector and Ülker's market share: “In 2019, Ülker reached a total market share of 33% in terms of turnover and a total of 30.2% on a tonnage basis in the gift and complimentary chocolate market. In addition to its leadership in the snack market, it remained the undisputed holiday leader.” Our expertise in chocolate and confectionery, integration in production, high quality standards, consumer-oriented innovation, and communication were important factors that contributed greatly to this leadership success. We are the largest brand in Turkey, dominating the entire integrated production process from cocoa beans to packaging. This has always been our greatest strength in producing the best quality chocolate. Automation connects the machines on our production lines like the links of a chain, and we use modern technology in our production, which means superior hygiene and quality standards. Automatic robots use high-speed packaging machines, so our products hit the markets untouched."

Turhan also evaluated the complimentary chocolate and confectionery market, expressing Ülker's contribution: "Last year, the total complimentary chocolate and confectionery market reached 42,000 tons and 1 billion TL. The gift and complimentary chocolate market grew 16% by tonnage. 6 points of this 16 came from Ülker, making our brand the biggest contributor to growth."

Boxed Chocolates and Confectionery
Regional consumption percentages (tons)

  • The Marmara region consumes the most gift and complimentary chocolate, at 29%, and for confectionery, Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia lead with 45.7%.
  • Other regional gift and complimentary chocolate consumption rates are Central Anatolia at 23%, Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia at 18%, the Aegean at 12%, the Mediterranean at 11%, and the Black Sea at 7%.
  • Regional gift and complimentary confectionery consumption rates are Central Anatolia at 16.4%, Marmara at 16.1%, the Aegean 8.3%, the Mediterranean at 8.2%, and the Black Sea at 5.4%.

Boxed Chocolates and Confectionery
Confectionery should be stored below 30 degrees, and chocolate should be stored between 18 - 22 degrees
The production methods used for chocolate and confectionery goods are very important, and when it comes to how the products taste, the storage conditions become just as important. Confectionery must be stored below 30 degrees Celsius, at room conditions, in a cool place without sunlight. Packaging is another important element for preserving the taste and eating experience. The packaging must completely wrap and seal the product, preventing exposure to air and light. The surface of the chocolate must be shiny and smooth, and it must melt easily in the mouth. The cocoa butter in chocolate has a very special and delicate crystal structure, so it should be kept in a cool environment between 18 - 22 C. Chocolate should not be kept in the refrigerator.

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