Ülker’s sustainability video series "My Beautiful country, nature is entrusted to us"

Ülker, Türkiye's leading food company, will try to raise awareness on sustainability with a video series entitled “My Beautiful Country, Nature Is Entrusted to Us” on the protection of natural resources, water conservation, energy efficiency, waste management, reducing carbon footprints, and preventing food waste.

Ülker, a company who follows a waste-free model and carries out its sustainability studies with long-term goals, has prepared a six-part video series that explains what they do in this field and suggests what consumers can do to protect resources.

The videos posted to social media accounts aim to raise awareness on sustainability. The video series titled “My Beautiful Country, Nature is Entrusted to Us” was shot in various regions around Türkiye, is narrated by world diving record holder Şahika Ercümen, and presents the opinions of Ülker officials and experts.

 "Our sustainability goals are long-term"

Ülker’s CEO Mete Buyurgan stated that Ülker has continued to work with a waste-free company model since its establishment. He said they aimed to increase consumers’ awareness with a series of videos explaining what they can do, and to describe the company's work on the protection of natural resources, water conservation, energy efficiency, waste management, carbon footprints, and the prevention of food waste.

Buyurgan went on to say that they have been included on the Borsa Istanbul Sustainability Index since 2015, on the global sustainability index FTSE4Good Emerging Markets Index since 2016, and that they have been selected as a "Good life brand" for three consecutive years, giving the following examples of Ülker's sustainability efforts:

“Our country is rich in natural resources. However, to transfer this wealth to future generations, we don’t focus solely on environmental projects. We work according to the long-term goals we’ve set for the environment, our value chain, innovation, our employees, social responsibility, and leadership. Since 2014, we have been growing without increasing our carbon emissions. We achieve the targeted quality on the first try and work to prevent losses at the source. With the goal of working with zero waste, we recycled 91% of our total waste in 2019. Our rate of converting raw materials into finished products has reached 98.9%, which is among the best in the world for the food industry. We’ve saved 2,502 MWh of energy, which corresponds to the annual electricity consumption of approximately 1,500 households. We’ve reduced our water consumption per unit of production by 31.2%, exceeding our 2024 target of 30%. This is equivalent to the daily water consumption of a city with a population of 3.2 million. Since 2014, continuous improvements in our distribution network have resulted in a reduction of travel equaling 2.2 million km. Our work in the field of sustainability is appreciated internationally. We are delighted to be included in the 2021 Sustainability Yearbook, where the companies with the best environmental, social, and governance performances in their sectors are listed, as prepared by the S&P Global rating agency. We were among the top 631 companies on a list evaluating 7,000 companies in 61 sectors worldwide. We became the first and only Turkish company rated among the top 20 global companies in the food products category.

 "We can protect our natural resources with simple precautions"

World diving record holder Şahika Ercümen is the spokesperson, but expert guests and Ülker officials also feature in these videos which take viewers on a journey to the natural beauties of Erzincan, Antalya, İzmir, and Kırklareli. Reminding everyone that by preserving natural resources we’re protecting everyone and everything we love, Şahika Ercümen presents surprising information and invites the audience to both act individually, and to share the videos to raise awareness, saying “First we become aware, then we can make others aware."

"How can we reduce water consumption, how can we save using smart energy, how can we reach zero waste by reducing our waste in nature, how can we reduce our carbon footprint, how can we reduce food waste?" Ercümen answers these questions and gives precautions and tips the audience can use.

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