Welcome to our newly designed, easy-to-use web site!

We have redesigned and improved our web site to bring our brands to life.

With the new ‘Smart Search’ feature, as soon as you begin to type a word, a list of related content appears!

If you wish to use the “automatic completion” at the web site, there is no need to type in the entire word.  Type in the first few letters of the word you are searching for and a list of complete word tags will appear immediately. Choose the word you want from the list. This feature makes finding a word much quicker and more convenient, even if it is deep within the site.


It knows what you are looking for so if you can’t remember the name, click ‘tags’. There are lots of choices!

Social Media

Sosyal Medya, Facebook

This site is integrated with social media and every page is mobile accessible for best user experience.

Visitors to the web site can take advantage of the social media buttons to reach a social media page associated with a brand name or to share the site with friends. Thanks to its mobile accessibility, the web site may be reached on iPhone, iPad or other mobile device.

Ülker Has Launched its Newly Designed Web Site

Turkey’s beloved food brand, Ülker, has redesigned its web site. The newly launched site  is full of information with 41 categories, 300 sub-brands and 5400 products that bear the brand names of Ülker or its subsidiaries. The site pages have undergone a facelift for easier access and convenience. The web site has been published both in Turkish and English for now, but Ülker plans to add Russian and Arabic in 2012.

 “Ülker is a pioneer in Digital Marketing. With more than 4 million fans on Facebook, Ülker and its brands are determined to continue being close to their consumers with forward thinking and innovative technology utilization in social and digital media. Keeping this in mind, has been reconstructed so that it makes brands come to life’’ says Ahad Afridi  the CMO of Yıldız Holding and adds: “Newly established sites use technology as a tool to improve and grow relationships between consumers and brands rather than a barrier to overcome.’’

In order to make the site easier to navigate on, the entire web site has been renovated and re-organized. The visual content of each page has been enlarged for easier viewing. One of the most important features of the site is its focus on brand names. The corporate content previously on the site has been transferred to Ülker’s parent company Yıldız Holding’s website ( ). That move has made more room on the renovated site for news, information, videos and visual content on Ülker and its sub-brands.

Smart Search locates information quickly

The most innovative aspect of the site is its new search and “auto-completion” system.  Users who enter the website only need to type in the first few letters of a topic before a list of topics beginning with those letters automatically appear.  The user can then select the topic he/she wishes to search for from that generated list. This feature allows the consumer to quickly access information on any topic, no matter how deep in the web site it may be located.

Another innovative feature of the website is its integration with social media applications. Website visitors can click on the social media button to access a social media account of any brand name and can also share the page with friends. Thanks to its mobile accessibility, the entire content of the site can also be accessed from an iPhone, iPad or similar mobile device.

Watch all brand commercials

By clicking on the “news” icon on a page, users can access all of the press bulletins related to Ülker and its sub-brands. The “Happy Moment” icon will quickly take the user to a section that celebrates Ülker’s 65th anniversary with information about the “Happy Moments” campaign. There, you can read about, or track happy moments that Ülker customers have shared. The “Community” icon will take you to a section with information and documentation concerning Ülker’s contributions to the community and the environment. By clicking on the “Ülker TV” icon, users can discover a section containing video clips of hundreds of TV commercials that Ülker has produced over the years. You can watch them, comment on them and even download them.

Most Significant Features

•    Brand-name focused
•    Smart Search feature using Auto-Complete
•    Integration with social media
•    Mobile accessibility
•    Innovative technological features such as HTML 5 in Numbers

•  has more than 10,000 pages that can be searched from Google index.
•    The web site contains information about 5400 different products.
•    Thanks to the Google Suggest alike automatic word-completion feature, users can access topics directly, instead of page by page steps, no matter how deep they are on the web site.  
•    In the past year alone, more than a million visitors have accessed through Google searches. The infrastructure of the site has been updated to direct visitors directly to the location within the site that they want.

    • Ülker announced its first quarter 2022 financial results

      Ülker Bisküvi increased its sales revenue to 5.9 billion TL in the first quarter of 2022. The share of Turkey operations in the sales was 60 percent where as the share of export and international operations in the sales revenue was 40 percent...

    • Yıldız Holding made Türkiye a production and export base with Ülker Biscuits

      Yıldız Holding produces Ülker Biscuits and Ülker branded products as well as global snack brands such as Godiva, McVitie's and Flipz in Türkiye and brings them to consumers around the world. In 2021, the export figure of Ülker Biscuits in the snack area reached 291 million dollars....

    • Ülker announced its 2021 financial results

      Ülker Bisküvi, Turkey's leading food company, announced its financial results for 2021. Despite all the uncertainties experienced globally during the pandemic, Ülker, strengthed its position in its markets and also continue to growth in domestic and international operations....


      A significant change of position has been made in Turkey’s leading food company Ülker. Mustafa Kabakçı, who worked as Marketing Manager of Ülker Bisküvi Business Unit for the last two years, has been appointed as CMO of Ülker. Kabakçı will be responsible for creating and implementing marketing strategies for Godiva’s market series and McVitie’s brands as well as for Ülker brands....