Yıldız Holding’s customer relations project wins the Golden Compass award

2 of Yıldız Holding’s projects have been recognized at the Golden Compass Awards, organized by the Turkish Customer Relations Foundation. The projects sponsored by Yıldız Holding that received awards were “The Qur’an in its 1400th Year Exhibition” and the Ülker Smartt “Bugs Bunny and Friends Basketball Show”.

Established by the Turkish Customer Relations Foundation (TÜHID) in 1999 to recognize and encourage successful customer relations, the “Golden Compass Customer Relations Awards”, have taken place for the 10th consecutive year.  The awards were presented at a ceremony held on the evening of April 18.

A total of 175 projects were entered in the 2011 Golden Compass Customer Relations Awards. Yıldız Holding won in the Sponsorship Communications (Culture & the Arts) category for its “Qur’an in its 1400th Year” project and also in the Sponsorship Communications (Other) category for its Ülker Smartt sponsorship of the “Bugs Bunny and Friends Basketball Show” project.

In the Sponsorship Communications (Culture & the Arts) category, the award for the “Qur’an in its 1400th Year” project was accepted on behalf of Yıldız Holding by Yıldız Holding Corporate Communications Director Zuhal Şeker. The award for Ülker Smartt’s “Bugs Bunny and Friends Basketball Show” project was accepted by project coordinators Hande Ertan, Senem Erdil, Yasemin Ünlü Romano and Nihan Güçlü.
Speaking after the ceremony, Zuhal Şeker stated, “We are proud to have been selected for this honor from the Golden Compass Awards, Turkey’s first and still only such awards organization.  These awards are very important for the customer relations sector because they share the very best examples of customer relations efforts and foster the distribution of information about them.”

The Golden Compass award that Yıldız Holding received in the Sponsorship Communications (Culture & the Arts) category was for the “Qur’an in its 1400th Year Exhibition” during which one of the never-before exhibited  works was the 250,000 page Damascus Documents collection, popularly agreed to contain some of the oldest examples of written works. A major portion of the exhibition also displayed hand-written Qur’ans from the inventory of the Museum of Turkish and Islamic Art which had never been seen by lovers of calligraphy, book-binding and illumination.  The restoration and conservation work on the pieces that were displayed was carried out with the support of Yıldız Holding, Antik A.S. and the staff of the Museum of Turkish and Islamic Art. 

"Ülker’s mission of creating projects and events “For Children Only” was once again demonstrated by the Ülker Smartt mid-semester project, which was held for the 3rd time this year.  Ülker Smartt’s 2010 “Bugs Bunny and Friends Basketball Show” project was recognized in the Sponsorship Communications (Other) category. The project which won the Golden Compass Award brought together Ülker Smartt’s famous Facebook team and Ibrahim Kutluay for 7 performances held February 3-7, 2010 in Ankara, Izmir and Istanbul. The 2011 version of the project is “Bugs Bunny and Friends at the Circus with Ülker Smartt”.

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