Halley Cake

6-8 Portion 2 Hour 5 Minute


  • 2 packets whipping cream
  • 2 water glass cold milk
  • 12 Ülker Halley wheels
  • 80 g Ülker Dark Couverture/Baking Chocolate
  • 100 ml cream 


Whisk milk and whipping cream together in a bowl until thick. Cut each Halley wheel into small pieces, add to whipping cream, and mix. Pour mixture into a [cookie] mould lined with cling wrap and flatten by pressing. Place mould into the freezer and let rest until mixture sets.

Meanwhile, boil cream in a saucepan and add Ülker Dark Couverture/Baking Chocolate. Remove from stove and stir until chocolate melts.

Remove cake from freezer and invert it onto a serving plate. Drizzle melted chocolate over it and cut into slices before serving.

Bon appetite!